Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for Ze Results!!

We Made It!!!! I can't believe the A-Z Challenge is done! This was a great launch to our new blog and we had loads of fun visiting and meeting new people. We laughed and learned a lot from the posts we've read. We hope you guys will come back and visit us often. 

And now for the results. As promised on our very first post, we tallied up all the votes from each post so feast your eyes on the winners!

Y for Young Love
Choices: Romeo and Juliet, Jack and Rose-The Titanic, Ally and Noah-The Notebook, Landon and Jaime-A Walk to Remember, Jamal and Latika-Slumdog Millionaire, Ron and Hermione-Harry Potter, Buttercup and Westley-The Princess Bride
Winner: Westley and Buttercup

X for X-Men and Superheroes
Choices: Beast, Phoeonix, Storm, Superman, Spiderman, Batman
Winner: Batman tied with Storm

W for Whoops we almost forgot Musicals
Choices: The Sound of Music, Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Les Miserable, Grease
Winner: (Write in vote) Phantom of the Opera

V for Victories
Choices: Braveheart, Rocky, Rudy, Seabiscuit, Billy Elliot
Winner: Braveheart

U for Unique Concept
Choices: Every Day, Unwind, What’s Left of Me, A Monster Calls
Winner: Every Day

T for Teachers in Film
Choices: Dead Poet’s Society, To Sir With Love, Lean on Me, Good Will Hunting, Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Winner: Dead Poet’s Society tied with Good Will Hunting

S for Seriously Scary
Choices: Exorcist, Silence of the Lambs, Saw, Disturbia, Nightmare on Elm Street, Psycho
Winner: Nightmare on Elm tied with Exorcist

R for Real Life Made into Film
Choices: Donnie Brasco, Social Network, Lincoln, A League of Their Own, Titanic, 42
Winner: The Social Network

Q is for Best Quote
Choices: Too hard to name them all. Haha
Winner: Any man who keeps working is not a failure. He may not be a great writer, but if he applies the old-fashioned virtues of hard, constant labor, he’ll eventually make some kind of career for himself as a writer. ~Ernest Hemingway

P for best Prison Scenes
Choices: Chicago, Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile, Bad Boys, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Lockdown
Winner: Shawshank Redemption

O for Out of this world
Choices: The Wizarding World in Harry Potter, Narnia, Middle World, Pandora, A Galaxy Far Far Away
Winner: Favorite other world: Narnia

N for Necessary Evil
Choices of Villain Hero match ups: Ryan Hardy/Joe Carrol from The Following, Sarah Connors/The Terminator from The Terminator, Harry Potter/Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter,Louis de Pointe du Lac/Lestat de Lioncourt from Interview with a Vampire,  Neo/the Architect from The Matrix
Winner: Ryan Hardy/Joe Carrol from the Following

M for Magical Movies
Choices: Harry Potter series, Lord of the Ring Series, Peter Pan, Practical Magic, Jumanji, Seventeen Again, The Neverending Story, Stardust
Winner: Harry Potter Series  

L for Lone Hero
Choices: John McClane from Die Hard, Wolverine from X-Men, Frank Martin (Jason Statham) from The Transporter, Brian Mills (Liam Neeson) from Taken
Winner: John McClane

K for Kick-Ass Kids
Choices: Harry, Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter, Cal from Walking Dead, Arya from Game of Thrones, Will and Lyra from His Dark Materials Trilogy, Todd and Viola from Chaos Walking Trilogy, Jake from the Dark Tower series, Hit Girl from Kick Ass
Winner: Harry Potter trio

J for Just Can’t Wait for those Summer Blockbusters
Choices:  Iron Man 3, Star Trek-Into Darkness, The Fast and the Furious 6, The Hangover 3, Wolverine, Mortal Instruments-City of Bones
Winner: Iron Man 3 tied with Star Trek: Into Darkness

I for I Love You
Choices for best love scene: Jerry McGuire, The Notebook, Moulin Rouge, Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally, Say Anything
Winner: Princess Bride tied with The Notebook

H for Horror Novels Made into Films
Choices: The Exorcist, Dracula, The Shining, Amityville Horror, Silence of the Lambs
Winner: Silence of the Lambs

G for Good Girls Gone Bad…Ass.
Choices: Sarah Connors-The Terminator, Katniss Everdeen-Hunger Games, Brienne of Tarth-Game of Thrones, Mashone-Walking Dead, Trinity-The Matrix, Selene-Underworld, Fox-Wanted
Winner: Three way tie-- Katniss from Hunger Games, Selene from Underworld, Trinity from The Matrix

F for Fantastic Fight Scenes
Choices: The Battle of Helms Deep from LoR, Kill Bill, Princess Bride, Karate Kid, The Matrix
Winner: Battle of Helms Deep

E for Electrifying Openings
Choices: 1984, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Waiting, Catcher in the Rye, The Crow Road, Peter Pan, Playing in Traffic, Dark of the Moon, Scorpio Races
Winner:  “It isn’t true what they say about my brother. That he ate those children.” Dark of the Moon, Tracy Barrett

D for Death Scenes with the most Impact
Choices: Psycho, The Happening, Moulin Rouge, 300, Gangs of New York
Winner: Shower scene from Psycho

C for Creepy Characters
 Choices: Voldemort-Harry Potter, Alex-A Clockwork Orange, Annie Wilkes-Misery, Pennywise the Clown from IT ties with Annie Wilkes from Misery, Pennywise the Clown-It, White Witch-Narnia, President Snow-The Hunger Games, Marisa Coulter-His Dark Materials, Big Brother-1984
Winner: Pennywise the Clown-It ties with Annie Wilkes-Misery

B for Bad Ass Boys
Choices:  Damon-Vampire Diaries, James Bond-James Bond,  Rick Grimes-Walking Dead, Khal Drogo-Game of Thrones
Winner: James Bond

A for Animals we Love in Books
Choices: Wilbur-Charlotte’s Web, Crookshanks-Harry Potter, Hedwig-Harry Potter, Toto-Wizard of Oz, Misty-Misty of Chincoteague, Old Dan and Little Anne—Where the Redfern Grows, Oy-The Dark Tower
Winner: Hedwig from Harry Potter

Now that it's done, how'd you do on the challenge? Did you make it to Z or did you poop out around J? I don't know if Tamara and I would've been able to do this if we hadn't made it a joint effort. We hope you've enjoyed our A-Z Challenge. We certainly had fun with our theme!


  1. Great A-Z challenge topic you hosted here. So many deserved wins and votes. Will be visiting you next month.

  2. Thanks for posting the winners!
    Congratulations on finishing the Challenge and glad you had fun.

  3. i think you had a great opening night/month for April, much more success... and i give you the virtual roses you deserve... do you hear the crowds clapping... bravo... bravo... ovation!

  4. Hi Karen .. all I can say is well done for listing all of these - I'm so pleased I can refer back to them ..

    ... congratulations on reaching the end .. I did too .. I love doing it .. it's just keeping up with everyone .. still the year is ahead!!

    Cheers Hilary

  5. Whoo for reaching the end! It's been a crazy fun month, though, eh?

    Awesome to see all the winners. And really interesting to see some write-ins and ties as well!

  6. Thanks for compiling this together! I didn't know my write-in "vote" for The Phantom would count for it to become a winner.

    Karen, congratulations on finishing the A to Z Challenge. I enjoyed visiting your blog this month, and I look forward to reading your future posts.

  7. Congrats on finishing the A to Z Challenge! Yay!

  8. Sheena-Kay: Thanks!

    Alex: You’re welcome and thank you for all of your hard work as well!

    Jeremy: Thank you kind sir. *takes a bow*

    Hilary: I can’t take credit for listing all of these winners. Tamara did it, but I posted the pictures-lol. And congrats to you for completing the challenge.

    Mere: It has been crazy, but fun too. I was actually surprised there weren’t more write-in winners. Seemed like people had lots of great suggestions during the month.

    Cynthia: You’re welcome, but I feel I should mention it again because it took lots of time, but Tamara compiled the list. She’s awesome like that. And trust me, I only finished this challenge because we alternated days-lol. But thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed visiting us.

    Michelle: Thanks!

  9. I didn't realize I missed so many of your posts. From now on, You're going on the blog roll so I won't miss anymore. Thanks for re-capping the whole thing for me. It was interesting to see what all the readers picked. I disagree with most popular picks - but that's nothing new! lol

  10. YAY congratulations making it through the entire challenge! Sorry I missed the last 2 polls :( It was hard just keeping up with posting my entries.

    Thanks for posting the results. I see a handful of my choices were winners!

    You picked a great theme, and look forward to future entries you guy do :)

    Are you doing a "Reflections" post?

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

  11. Congrats on finishing the challenge! And thank you for following my blog. :-)