Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for LONE Hero

Are you a fan of movies where there’s only one man for the job? He’s usually retired, fired, or out of the game because of some trauma, but the country needs him…and only him.
Like I mentioned a few posts ago, I saw Gerard Butler’s latest action movie, Olympus Has Fallen. He used to be a Secret Service Agent, protecting the president. Top gig, right? But something happened and now he’s pushing paper for the Treasury Department. When the White House comes under attack, guess who comes to the rescue? Not the rest of the Secret Service, they’re all dead. Not the military, they can’t get in. Lone hero, Gerard Butler saves the day. I really did enjoy the movie. I know it may not sound like it here, but I guess I can still find something pretty unbelievable and entertaining at the same time.

So here are a few of my favorite Lone heroes who don’t need no stinkin’ teams to help them save the world, the girl, or whatever needs saving. He can do it all by himself!

Die Hard—Bruce Willis: Don’t ever hold John McClane’s wife hostage or you will get murdered to death!



X-Men Origins: Wolverine—Hugh Jackman: Here’s a tip. If you ever come a cross a mutant with bones protruding out of his hand like daggers, don’t kill his girlfriend, (or pretend to) and then experiment on said mutant, covering his bones with an indestructible alloy adamantium, because chances are you will get killed to death too…eventually…when he remembers who you are. J


The Transporter—Jason Statham: Rule #1: "Never Change the Deal", Rule #2: "No names", and Rule #3: "Never open the package." When you break all of your own rules then you have to become a one-man killing machine!


Taken—Liam Neeson: OMG! Whatever you do, do not take Bryan Mills’ daughter and try to sell her as a sex slave. Everyone in his way will get shot, (even a friend’s wife who only wanted to have a nice dinner), stabbed, or have his neck snapped. He is a one man Amber Alert and you will tell him where his daughter is or else.



So tell me which of these Lone heroes are your favorites? I love doing this A-Z Challenge. It’s making me want to re-watch a lot of movies!


  1. Okay. I know it's going to comment will come up as both of us, but I loved this post, Kar. You made my whole familly crack up. I read it out loud to them. How about Jack Bauer though? HOW many times did he single-handedly save the world? Like seven? Not at all ridiculous. And I LOVE John McClane. Yippee Kai A Mother...well, you know the rest...;)

  2. Yep, John McClane here, too. Not only was he a cool hero, he had one of the coolest villains in all of movie-dom to go up against. :)

    Left and Write

  3. I haven't seen them all, but I love the Die Hards and Wolverine. Heck yes!!! Wouldn't mind seeing the others on your list :)

  4. I like Wolverine very much! It looks so cool.

  5. Olympus has Fallen is a great movie. I love the part when he couldn't figure out hashtag and the lady shouted 'Shift, 3' so hilarious. Wolverine and Die Hard but your statement for Taken about Bryan being a one man Amber Alert was just awesome. And true.

  6. I haven't seen Olympus has Fallen, but you've got me excited about seeing it. I watched the others you posted and really enjoyed them all. I guess I'm a fan of the 'lone hero' type of movies too. (:

  7. Only watched Die Hard for the first time recently (and now watched 2 and 3 as well) awesome movies :)

  8. Alex: McClane is the man! If I was ever held hostage I’d want him in the air ducts screwing things up for my captors.

    Tam: You crack me up. I’m glad I gave your family a chuckle-lol. I never watched 24 so I never think to include Jack Bauer on these types of things. I guess I need to get some 24 in my queue on Netflix!

    Mark: You’ve gotta love Hans Gruber. Not to mention Alan Rickman is just totally awesome!

    Sherry: Yeah, Wolverine is kinda the best X-Man of the X-Men-lol.

    Gina: Not to mention Hugh Jackman is easy on the eyes!

    Sheena-Kay: There were a lot of funny parts in that movie. I really did like the movie.

    Elise: If you’re a fan of the Lone hero then you’ll like Olympus Has Fallen. It was great action!

    Printed Portal: Die Hard really has held up over the years. Bruce Willis at his finest. Check out the others on the list. You might like them too!

  9. You're right. I had no idea how many movies had that as the basic premise.

  10. I'd say John McClane or Bryan Mills. The others are "meh" to me. These lone wolf movies are some of my favorite types!