Saturday, April 27, 2013

X is for X-Men and other Superheroes

I’m a huge fan of the X-Men. I never had any comic books, but plan to remedy that soon. I was all about the cartoon when I was younger. Loved it! I remember having a conversation with my mother when the second movie came out and she casually called one of the mutants by name—Nightcrawler. I stopped what I was doing, and looked at my mother. That’s when she told me she used to read comics when she was growing up. They were her brothers’ books, but she took them and read them. Even kept reading them when my sister and I were children…um, what?

I was floored. But now, looking back on that conversation I shouldn’t have been. My mother and I have always shared the same taste in books…mostly. So I shouldn’t have been shocked to know she was that much of a fan of something I loved.

 Here are some of my favorite X-Men and Superheroes:


Beast: I know Wolverine gets a lot of attention and rightfully so, but Beast is my favorite. I like how intelligent he is. He’s a chemist, geneticist, and a medical doctor. How can you not love him? And he’s kind of snuggly… that is until he rips your face off.  


Jean Grey or Phoenix: I really loved her character in the cartoon more than in films. I’d love to have telekinetic powers, not so much telepathic. I don’t really want to get into people’s heads, but moving things with my mind is awesome!


Storm: I have to say as a teen watching Storm in the X-Men cartoon series was amazing. I was like, ‘is she black?’ Blew my mind. While Storm isn’t the first black comic book character, she is the first black female. I remember thinking she was so beautiful with all that white hair, but then I was a bit underwhelmed with her power, especially when compared to others like Cyclops and Wolverine. It wasn’t until years later that I realized she is one of the most powerful mutants in the X-Men universe. The power to control weather is pretty epic…kind of God-like.


Now for the others:

Superman: Have I mentioned how much I love, love, love Superman? No? Well let me tell you all the reasons. He’s a simple farmboy at heart. He stands for truth, justice and all that’s good in the world. He’s so dreamy that you don’t care he’s wearing a unitard, his underwear on the outside, and a cape. Oh and…he can FLY! Nuff said.


Spiderman: I really hate spiders. Let me correct that, I hate spiders inside my home. They can do what they want outside. But I love Spiderman. He’s witty, nerdy, and he seems like he’s having fun when he’s out saving the day.


Batman: I have a lot of respect for Bruce Wayne/Batman. He doesn’t have superhuman Gotham would get cleaned up that way. No, he built some gadgets, supped up his ride, donned his rubber suit, and hit the streets. Gotta love that.
strength, nor is he an alien from outer space. He’s just a billionaire who decided to go beyond donating his money to charities with the hope the streets of


So vote for your favorite mutant and superhero from this list. As always, tell me who I’ve missed if your favorite isn’t up here.


  1. That's still wild your mother read those comics.
    Can I vote for the entire Justice League?

  2. I second Alex's vote. Also Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit and Professor X from X-Men. Batman is also an excellent choice. X-Men are all over the place today. Great subject choice.

  3. Batman all the way! What a great character...simple, yet very complex once you start peeling away the layers of his psyche :)

  4. My absolute favorite from the X-Men series is Rogue. I don't know why. I made a connection with that sassy girl from the get go. Wolverine is next. I read all the comics too! Awesome post. :)

  5. Oh my, you got my heart a pounding with all that sexy Storm talk. And Halle Berry was a beautiful Storm. But yeah, if my mom had confessed to reading comics I'd have been floored too.

  6. i am so much of a superman fan... it's not funny he stands for so much and he isn't even from here. the new film, i live 15 minutes from where they filmed it... i have photos and stories.

  7. I never really liked the standard comic book heroes (Superman, Batman, the Hulk, etc.) but I love the X-Men and Thor and the Avengers. The X-Men is just fun and has so many characters with fascinating powers. As for Thor, who could say no to Chris Hemsworth??? I'll take a double helping of that, thank you very much! :-)

  8. *Fist pump*! Gotta love a good fist pump. That person rules.

    Sorry, I am a bit behind trying to catch up.

    My favorite X-Men (Man?) is Gambit! I wasn't a fan of the third movie installment, and I haven't seen any of the spin offs. Heard First Class was good, though.

    Out of the selection I have to go with Spider-Man. He was always my favorite when growing up!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink