Sunday, April 21, 2013

Seriously Scary

What is it about being scared that we like so much? The adrenaline? The power of confronting our worst nightmares from the safety of our couches?  Or just the same thrill you get when you're a kid and someone dares you to look into a mirror and chant, "Bloody Mary" three times?

Personally, for me, I love the suspense of it all. I like being made to jump when I don't know it's coming, much more than I like guts and gore. Below are a combination of movies that made me jump and movies that scarred me for life. haha.

Exorcist. This one definitely falls into the scarring me for life category. If you've never watched the Exorcist uncut, do yourself a favor and keep it that way. Seriously disturbing. I had to choose this picture because it was the least creepy and I didn't even want to look at the others.

Silence of the Lambs. This fell more into the category of making me jump, although Hannibal Lecter is definitely one of the creepiest characters ever.

Saw. Too much blood for me. Scarring.

Disturbia. One of my favorite movies. Plenty of lighthearted moments, but also tons of times that had me jumping.

Nightmare on Elm Street. I know tons of people aren't scared by these at all, but the concept of  a deranged killer who could get to you in your sleep--thereby making it impossible to avoid him--always scared the living crap out of me.

Psycho. This one made by the master of suspense, which makes it easy to guess which category it falls into. But I'm still a little scarred as well. :)

So, which category do you prefer? Suspenseful horror or scares-the-crap-out-of-you-in-traumatic-ways horror? Any faves I didn't name?


  1. I like suspense, and I don't believe it needs to always come with ton of blood and gore.

    What I find scary are stories about an everyday person who seems normal until the monster hiding inside comes out.

  2. These are all scary delicious choices.

  3. I don't really care much about suspense...but this post is seriously full of scary pictures :-)

    Happy blogging to Z!

  4. I like both...I prefer horror without gore, but if gore is done correctly, I can still enjoy that, too!

    My favourites here are Nightmare, because that is my favourite horror series of all, and Psycho, because I think that Anthony Perkins has one of the best portrayals ever! But I quite like Silence of the Lambs, too!

  5. Gore is fine as long as they don't rely on it - or special effects. The Exorcist will always be creepy and scary.

  6. The Nightmare on Elm Street franchise was my favorite growing up.

    I avoided Saw for a few years then broke down to watch it after a friend kept asking me to. It's been a long time since seeing the original, but I thought it relied more on suspense than overly abundant blood/gore. I thought it was great. Unfortunately, the sequels became vastly more reliant on blood and gore... I was already hooked to the series, though, and endured them all.

  7. Cynthia--I agree. Some of the scariest movies aren't paranormal stuff, they're just regular people gone crazy.


    Roseanne--haha...yeah, it is. The other pictures of the Exorcist were way worse. I didn't even want them on my screen.

    Mere--Nightmare scared me so badly! I saw it in the theater when I was fourteen and then I had to walk two miles home by myself at almost midnight. I was convinced Freddy was going to get me the whole time!

    Alex--I agree!

    Jak--I actually cheated and only watched Saw 2, so maybe that's why it seemed like less suspense and more blood.

  8. Hi Karen .. preferably none of them .. I steer clear. Though I'd like to watch the recent Hitchcock film (on him) .. which I missed as lots of good movies came out together earlier in the year.

    Cheers Hilary