Monday, April 1, 2013

WELCOME!! And Happy A-Z Beginning!!

Hi Everyone!!

We're starting the new blog off with a bang because it's the first day of the A-Z Challenge YAY! Huge thanks to Arlee Bird for providing us all with such a great way to connect!! 

 Our theme for the letter A is ANIMALS in books. Since that's a wide theme and you guys have lots of blogs to visit, we figured we'd keep it short and sweet and run this as a:

                                POLL on the UPPER LEFT SIDE OF OUR BLOG entitled, "FAVORITE PETS IN LITERATURE." Please VOTE!! 
 We tried to put in lots of choices, in hopes that you could spot at least one or two you loved.After all, who would our favorite heroes/heroines be without their loyal companions?
So, tell us, who is your favorite pet in literature?

 Tell us why you picked them in the comments! Or tell us about your own pet/pets. Or about whether or not you wrote a pet into your book. Or...really, just talk about anything you want to comment on. haha. Happy A-Z challenge day one!!


  1. I followed your other blog. Now I'm following you here.'s so appropriate that you'd post a picture of Wilbur because I loved reading Charlotte's Web. I also liked the Frog and Toad books, though Frog and Toad weren't necessarily anyone's pets.

  2. I loved Frog and Toad as well! I thought about including all animals but had to narrow it to pets when I realized I'd have to put a billion choices. haha. There are tons of great animals in literature!!

    Thanks so much for following Cynthia! Very nice to see you over here!

  3. Hi Tamara .. the Marmalade cat ... Orlando, by kathleen hale - loved his way of life!

    Cheers Hilary

  4. I chose Hedwig, mainly because I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd, but also because she's always so loyal to him and is there for him at the Dursleys when no-one else is. :)

  5. Just about all the animals in Animal Farm. Everyone of them had something to contribute. Even the naive sheep. Great start to A-Z.

  6. Fang in Jack London's classic Call of the Wild.

  7. I'm torn between Ghost from GoT and Hedwig. I love wolves and especially loyal ones, but Hedwig was simply beautiful and I'm a Potter nerd too!


  8. Any dog that can take on a witch is o.k in my book..I voted for Toto :)

  9. Hedwig is extremely loyal and I think it's so cool to have a friend delivering the messages for you and that is more reliable than the mail. :)

  10. I had to go with Crookshanks, though I may be biased. For some reason I kept reading "The Dark Tower" as "The Dark Crystal" (one of my favorite childhood movies) and thought Oy was the name of the fluffy ball dog creature from the movie (actually it's Fizzgig I discovered).

    Yet to read The Dark Tower,and oddly I mention it in my B entry. I wonder if Falkor from The Neverending Story would count as a pet? While I like Toad and Frog, something about them scared me as a child.

    Great start, keep it up!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

  11. animal farm probably been mentioned, but do flyin' monkeys count...

    Jeremy [Retro]
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host
    Oh No, Let's Go... Crazy

  12. Dire wolves and dragons, all the way.

    But I always did want my very own Fizzgig (from The Dark Crystal)

  13. My dog is named Falkor, so I say yes, he should count as a pet, too!

  14. I haven't used pets in my books. When I think of some cool little space critter, I'll add one.

  15. Hilary--Never heard of the Marmalade Cat--I'll have to check that one out!

    Laura--that's why I loved Hedwig as well. It was like Harry didn't just have a pet, he finally had an ally!

    Sheeena Kay--Animal Farm was an excellent book, but totally shot out!

    Bob--I should've totally put Fang in the poll. LOVED him as a kid. Great book.

    Karen--I know, it's an impossible choice! I love Ghost AND Hedwig. And Oy from TDT. I know you haven't read those books but he's one of the best pets I've ever read in literature. He's more like a real character than just a pet.

    Mark--I figured there would be at least one Toto fan in the crowd. He was a great character! So damn cute and feisty.

    Al--Right! I would be so much more excited about mail if it came by owl-delivery!

    Jak--thanks! And Crookshanks was awesome. I was trying to get a good variety of pets in the poll, and he was (oddly enough) the only cool cat I could think of.
    And, if you like fantasy at all, you have to read the Dark Tower books. They're amazing!!! Of course, Stephen King is one of my fave authors, so I might be a little biased, but they are some of my most-cherished books.

    Mere--that is such a cute name for a dog. And he totally counts as a pet. Sorry for forgetting The Neverending Story!

    Alex--I have written pets into two out of my three books. I started to write a pet into the third, but the poor fellow hit the cutting room floor due to word count issues. He was a cat and I never got overly attached. I'm definitely more of a dog person!

  16. I had a hard time picking just one. Toto was my runner up with Wilbur following close behind. I just love all pets!

    Looking forward to reading the joint posts!

  17. hmmm... I think dragons... have you watched " how to train you dragon"? it's great!

    Adriana Dascalu at In Between

  18. I had to go with Wilbur. He's just so cute. And it's such a great story!

  19. Okay so I just voted! I went with Oy. My son is reading Charlotte's Web now. :)

  20. Liked Toto he seemed to get the job done
    and thanks for helping out with a to z

  21. I'm writing a YA book, and I invented the Glyder Birds in it. They're giant birds. They look like a mix of an eagle and falcon, with rainbow-colored feathers. Their foreheads are colored white with a red dot in the middle. Their claws are retractable. They fly fast. They help transport Runics, the soldiers of Earth.

    From A to Z Challenge,
    Sonnia J. Kemmer

  22. Sus--I loved Wilbur as a kid but I read all the Wizard of Oz books and Toto was my fave. As an adult, I'd have to go with Oy from the Dark Tower series. :)

    Adriana--Yeah, that's a really cute movie. Who doesn't love a good dragon? I actually have a dragon shield in my dining room, plus a couple really cute dragons statues, and an awesome Norbert (Harry Potter) puppet. :)

    Danelle--I remember my teacher reading us that story in fourth grade. I've loved Wilbur ever since!

    Mina--YAY!!! Another Dark Tower fan. LOVE Oy. He was my vote too!! And Charlotte's Web is an awesome book. I can't imagine any kid not loving it. :)

    Lady's Knight--You're very welcome. It's been fun discovering new blogs. So far Toto and Hedwig are neck in neck! :)

  23. I chose Wilbur because he's "brilliant." I kind of wish I had picked Misty because no one else has, yet, and I loved horse books as a young girl. I'm curently writing plays, and pets on stage are a litle tricky, so they haven't made an appearance, yet. However, Millie is a dog whisperer, so I'll have to figure out a way to include some of her beloved dogs.

  24. Congrats on the new blog Tamara and Karen!
    Nothing beats the Wizard of Oz for me. It's the definition of classic, and I adore it. Therefore, I must choose Toto. :-)

  25. What a brillent idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way. A to Z seems like it's going to be really fun!

  26. I vote for Toto because he was so helpful and loyal. But I'd also like to offer up the Black Stallion because he helped his rider, Alec, gain confidence and gave him a riding career! I loved the Black Stallion books as a girl.