Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for Real Life Made into Film

Sometime when I’m watching a movie and I see the words ‘Based on a true story' I get so excited. Especially when I had no idea I was about to watch a film inspired by real life events. After the film is over, I usually do my own investigating just to see if they got it right.

The list below is of some of the few popular ones that I liked.

Donnie Brasco: Al Pachino and Johnny Depp, how can you go wrong. The film tells the story of FBI agent, Joseph Pistone as he infiltrates the mob and the line begins to blur between agent and ganster. Really great film.


The Social Network: The Story of Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook. This film didn’t portray Zuckerberg in the best light. Maybe he is a jerk, maybe it’s creative license on the part of the film creators. Who knows? I think one thing most can agree on is that he was instrumental in creating something that millions of people use daily.


Lincoln: Confession. I haven’t actually seen this yet, but I’ve read Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and it’s pretty much the same thing, right? J Actually, I love history and have read about Abraham Lincoln—non-fiction and without vamps—so I do plan to see it. Have you seen it? What did you think? I know I’m going to have to strum up my courage to see Tommy Lee Jones in that wig on a large screen. Yikes!


A League of Their Own: LOVED this film! This was based on the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League from a story written by Kim Wilson and Kelly Candele. The film had struggle, love, comedy, and quotable lines: There’s no crying in baseball! Great film.


Titanic: We all know this story and I’m sure none of us believe the band kept playing! But there are accounts of the band continuing to play as the ship went down. Um…dudes, play on the lifeboats...or not. Nobody’s listening anyway. James Cameron has a way of capturing the heart of the bigger issue, though he doesn’t seem to be able to do it in less than 3 hours. J There’s a billionaire—it’s always a billionaire, right—who plans to rebuild the Titanic and sail it along the same route. This time there will be enough lifeboats…we hope. Will you go?


42: The story of Jackie Robinson. Second confession. I haven’t seen this yet either. I know the story of Jackie Robinson through reading and I plan to see this as well. Sometimes movies about racism make me uncomfortable, but then, I guess they’re supposed to, right? I think that is, in part, why I’m dragging my feet. It looks good, though. Have you seen it? Did you like it?


I know there are tons of good films in this category, but I couldn’t post them all. Of these, vote for your favorite and as always, tell me if your true favorite isn’t up here!


  1. I have to chose A leave of their own because that's the only movie I've seen. Well, no. I saw Titanic too, but it fell off my graces a long time ago.

  2. I would select Lincoln out of those, but Argo has the edge over Lincoln.

  3. I haven't seen very many of them, but I adored "A League of Their Own." Offhand, I can't think of any others I loved - but I can tell you one I didn't: "Julie & Julia." The actresses were excellent, but I wish it would have been a bio-pic of Julia Childs' life without the whining, needy Julie in there. There was no plot. At the end I was like, "Whaaa? That's it? It's over? What was that all about?" It couldn't have been just about a useless girl who cooks for a year and ends up just as useless only she now has a freakin' publishing contract!! Could it?

  4. I have not seen "Lincoln" or "42", so with that in mind, my favorite on your list is "A League of Their Own". My favorite is "Erin Brockovich". Probably because I remember the events around PG&E in the 1980's.....

  5. I haven't seen any of them. (I am such a Philistine when it comes to movies and shows!) Interesting list, though!

  6. Titanic and Social Network without a doubt. Another film worthy of mention is Pursuit of happiness, it's an amazing film based on a real life story. Will Smith has done a brilliant job!

  7. All of those are such fantastic movies. But I have to say Social Network is my favorite on the list. The geek in me loved that they took such mundane things and turned them into a high-stakes, high energy story. Actually, now I think I need to watch that again ^_^
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  8. I've seen The Social Network, Titanic and League - think that's all. Loved all 3, though the Titanic is a bit melodramatic for my liking some of the time.

  9. All I've seen on this list is Titanic and, while it's nice, I'd rather be watching The Pursuit of Happyness.

  10. I really liked The Social Network and it gets my vote (loved Reznor doing the soundtrack, as well). Most of the others I've yet to see, and was surprised A League of Their Own was based on a true story. I never knew that, and if it was stated in the movie it's been too long to remember.

    I really want to see 42! Looks great.