Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Fantastic Fight Scenes!

Hi all,

While I'm not a violent person, I can appreciate the intricacies of pulling off the perfect fight scene. Some filmmakers make it look effortless. Here are some of my favorites.

The epic battle at Helm's Deep.

The precision of Kill Bill.

The masterful humor and timing of The Princess Bride.

The inspiration of The Karate Kid.

The awesomeness of The Matrix.

Vote for your favorite fantastic fight scene in the comments. As always, tell us what your favorite is if it isn’t up here!


  1. These are top notch fight scenes. Who can forget The Matrix or the epic battle of Helm's Deep. But I have to pick The Matrix from this list.

  2. I remember watching The Princess Bride over and over when I was a kid, so I guess I'd have to say I enjoy their fight scenes too.

  3. The battle of Helms Deep is one of my favourites, it's one of the main reasons Two Towers is my favourite film of the trilogy :)

  4. Battle at Helm's Deep! Although the battle for Gondor was my favorite.

  5. Some tough choices, but I have to admit the fight scenes from Kill Bill and the Matrix were very cool, though a bit over the top.

    Voting wise, I'm going to have to go with The Matrix.

  6. Very tough call. I like all the scenes you've chosen here! Helm's, Matrix...Argh! Can't decide. Helm's Deep.

  7. Aldrea: The Princess Bride has lots of great swordplay. Gotta love it!

    Sheena: I think for me, I loved watching the battle at Helm’s Deep because it was just so mind-blowing-ly large, but the Matrix kinda wins for me because I waned to be able to do that stuff! Still do-lol.

    Cynthia: I’ve watched The Princess Bride so much that I can almost recite the lines with the actors. I need a support group.

    Laura: Loved Helm’s Deep, but I remember watching and thinking, I would so run away! Guess I don’t have the stuff heroes are made of-lol.

    Alex: The battle for Gondor was really good! Now I want to pop in the trilogy again and spend the next 6+ hours with some hobbits, elves and orcs!

    Mark: Kill Bill and The Martix over the top? What ever are you speaking of, Mark? I mean, can’t we all take on 88 sword wielding lunatics or jump into our opponent and explode him from the inside out? No? Just me, Keanu Reeves, and Uma Thurman then? Okay.

    Al Diaz: Lol. You can call it a tie if you want, Al. I won’t tell.

    Jeremy: tee-hee.

  8. Jackie Chan! You guys forgot Jackie Chan! He has the very best fight scenes, doing very dangerous things while making them hysterically funny. He choreographs all of them himself and does his own stunts.
    Ha! Beat that! :-D

  9. I enjoyed all of those movies, except I've never seen the first one. New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to visiting again.


  10. Loved Princess Bride, and gotta admire gals who can kick some major booty, as in the Kill Bill saga and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Rock on, ladies!
    Some Dark Romantic

  11. Princess Bride has my vote. I love the humor and the choreography!

  12. I love your A-Z theme, and plan on reading all of your posts. Very fun and interesting!

  13. Lexa: OMG! Totally forgot Jackie Chan. His early stuff was legend! Great catch!

    Frances: You’re not alone. A good sword fight is a thing of beauty.

    Sylvia: Thanks for stopping by! And you’ve never seen Lord of the Rings? Get thee to a store and buy it at once…or just rent it from Netflix or something-lol.

    Mina: Loved Crouching Tiger. Not only was it beautiful, but bad ass!

    Kate: Princess Bride is a classic. I have to watch it if I just happen upon it while flipping channels.

    Cathy: Thanks! We look forward to getting to know you!

    Jianne: Helms Deep. Epic! Poor Karate Kid got no votes. 

  14. Oh! I vote for Helms Deep. Absolutely! If any of those others hadn't been up there, I would have voted for the Karate Kid. ;) Good luck with the A to Z challenge. :)

    Mel at Writings, Musings and Other Such Nonsense

  15. Never heard of Helm's Deep, but the rest are amazing, and I'm not usually one for action movies, but those got me on in tuned all the way through.

  16. Crap I like all of them! Well, maybe not soooooo much the Kill Bill. I will need to watch it again.

    I like them all for varying reasons >.< I'm going to pick the Matrix. I was obsessed with the first movie for a long time!

  17. Princess Bride. Princess Bride. Princess Bride. :)