Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for Good Girls Gone Bad...ass.

Hi guys,

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and your day off blogging! But here we are. Time for more A-Z challenge! So, we've done the, "most bad-ass" poll,  but we only named our favorite males. A couple people asked why there were no girls. This is why. We needed to save some fun for the letter G!

Plus, these girls definitely deserve a post all their own. What I love about these girls is that they're each bad-ass in their own way.

Like Sarah Connor, who was the quintessential girly-girl in Terminator, but transformed herself to protect her son in Terminator Two.

Katniss from the
Hunger Games, who learned how to be bad-ass because she needed to provide for her family.

 Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones who refuses to conform to the demands of her time-period and, instead, become a knight.

 Mashone from Walking Dead, who is the very definition of a survivor.

And then there are our girls who are just a ton of  fun to watch as they take on the world and win.  We never stop rooting for The Bride from Kill Bill to get her revenge.

For Trinity from The Matrix to find "The One"

For Selene from Underworld to learn that life isn't all about war--but continue to kick some serious ass while doing so.

And for Fox from Wanted to continue being the embodiment of bad-ass-ness.

So, just for a quick re-cap, your choices for today's poll are:

Trinity: Matrix
Mashone: Walking Dead
Selene: Underworld
The Bride: Kill Bill
Fox: Wanted
Sarah Connors: Terminator
Katniss: The Hunger Games
Brienne of Tarth: Game of Thrones

As always, feel free to vote for a suggestion of your own. Also, I can't, in good conscience, end this post without giving a shout out to the most bad-ass girl on the planet!!

A real life girl who has shown little girls (and big girls) all over the world that no dream is unattainable. Keep winning Ronda! We're all out here rooting for you!!!


  1. i am gitty, girls with big... big... girl balls. if all were an option, i would pick all... though my heart is for Selene: Underworld for many... many reasons.

    i have a write in vote for: Elizabeth Swann

  2. So many bad many... Awesome post today. These girls are real bad asses. Just wondering, did you see the last season episode for The Walking Dead? It was insane! Mashone showed both her tough and vulnerable side. But today I'm picking Trinity. She's cool, human, bad ass and part of a top class Trilogy.

  3. I love Sarah Connor's resourcefulness and what she learns for the purpose of protecting her son and the future of humanity. Abd Brienne is a fabulous character--I like that in reality, she is largely an innocent. She is almost like Sansa in her ideas of honor and the old songs. She just was born the wrong sex. Also from GoT though, Arya--she is my favorite character in the whole series... not sure if you read the books or just watch the show, but Arya will be a badass to be reconned with... LOVE her.

  4. Michonne is one of my faves from your list by far! And then probably Selene.
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  5. I think today I'll vote for Trinity.

  6. Great topic! There is something about a woman who steps up to the plate, isn't there?

  7. Selena is my favorite bad-ass chick!

  8. Loved your post. And i like every good girls who's gone bad...ass :)

    - A fellow blogger from A to Z!

  9. Trinity from the Matrix...she was awesome.

    Now, I'm 6' and 225lbs and even I wouldn't mess with Ronda! :)

    Left and Write

  10. I'm going to go with Katniss.

  11. I'm a big fan of The Hunger Games, so I like the character Katniss a lot.

  12. Awesome topic. Awesome.

    I go with The Bride and Sarah Connors. They are both deadly, kick-ass women, who are capable and open to love. I dislike when "strong" females think they don't need anyone. I love seeing strong girls still capable of emotion!

  13. YeaH GIRLS! I'm glad you've written a whole post just for the ladies! The Bride is so fierce. What about Jennifer Garner in ALIAS? I loved her toughness and cool-headedness.

  14. I'm into game of thrones right now so I vote for brienne of tarth.

  15. Jeremy--I can't believe I forgot Elizabeth Swan!

    Sheena--Yeah, I saw the last episode. I love the show. Mashone is one of my favorite characters. And my husband's favorite trilogy is The Matrix, so i've seen it about a billion times. Love Trinity too!

    Hart--I LOVE Arya. I thought about putting her on here. Along with the girl from Kick-Ass. But they are bot really young and I decided to save them for a post bad-ass kids. haha

    Dani--Yeah, Mashone is friggin awesome!

    Al--Today for Trinity? If I'd caught you tomorrow would you vote have changed? haha. :)

    Melanie--thanks for stopping by. Nice to meet you!

    Alex--The Underworld Trilogy are some of my fourteen year old's favorite movies. Selene is her idol. :)

    Me--haha, cute name. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be sure to return the favor!

    Mark--Yeah, Ronda is legit bad-ass!! She's my hero. :)

    Sus--Yay! I love Katniss. I'm super surprised she only got one vote so far!

    Cynthia--haha. I just told Sus I was glad Katniss got a vote. She's one of my faves on here too. Glad you picked her. :)

    Mere--Yeah, that's why I really like the choices I picked, because they all retain their emotion, but they are still nobody to mess with!

    New House Girl--I actually never saw Alias, so I didn't think of her. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Rowena--I really like Brienne. Despite her size and strength she has such a purity about her character. Her sense of honor is so strong it almost lends her an air of innocence. To me, she is an awesome character because she's so layered. AND GoT is AWESOME!! :)

  16. Katniss, Trinity and Fox. Can't pick just one. Cool post.