Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Magic

Sometimes life is just...boring. Who doesn't want a little magic in their day? But, when I walk through my closet what do I find? A personable faun named Sir Tumnus? NO! I get boxes of musty clothes and bags full of moth-eaten stuffed animals that can't be thrown out to "die." I'd even be happy if the stuffed animals came out of their bags. That would be awesome magic. As long as it was like Toy Story of course. With my luck it would be more like Chucky. :(

Alas, nothing magic ever happens to me, no matter how much I do believe in fairies. (I do...I do...) So, I'm forced to depend on movies to get my fix. Below are some of my favorite movies with magic. I am skipping anything animated, since that would've crowded the field too much!

Okay. Obviously my number one choice has to be the Harry Potter series. I want to live in the Burrow! And I wouldn't even mind flushing myself down a toilet to get to work, if that's what it took...

Next--another very obvious choice, but one that I can't pass over. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I would like it to be known that I would totally adopt Gollum, but only if I could housebreak him. And Legolas. Even if I couldn't housebreak him...hehe

Okay, now with those out of the way, some choices that are mildly less obvious. (though not much) Clearly, I have to name Peter Pan, because I LOVE Peter Pan. For anyone who hasn't seen the live version with Jeremy Sumpter, you have to check it out! He played the role SO perfectly. Plus, as I mentioned, I do believe in fairies...

Next--Practical Magic! I love this movie!! I've seen it so many times, but it never stops being fun. I LOVE the sisterly love. Not often you see a movie with that as the main focus. Makes me want to move into a  big old house with my sisters and practice witchcraft...

Jumanji! Not because I would ever want to actually play the game. Haha. But I love this movie. The front looks like it's a comedy, but it's actually a little dark. And there are so many unexpected surprises in this movie. Altogether, just a crazy cool concept.

Seventeen Again. First of all, I'd like to say that Zac Efron was 22 when he was in that movie. Legally old enough for me to appreciate his finer aspects. You know, like his good acting skills. (Get your minds out of the gutter!) That aside, I needed at least one movie about people switching bodies. And this one has peacocking. Enough said.

The Neverending Story. NO way I could skip this one. First off, I already somehow missed poor Falkor in the favorite pets poll--which Mere Joyce caught and corrected because Falkor is awesome. :) Secondly, no matter how old it gets,Neverending Story will always be a classic! Rumor has it that this movie is being remade it 2014. Anyone know if that's true?

And, lastly, Stardust. Neil Gaiman is awesome and the movie has parts that were definitely unexpected. I want to cross the border into a magical land to retrieve a fallen star. Especially if that land is like Stormhold.

And for anyone wondering about some obvious magical choices I missed, (both Oz and Narnia come to mind) don't kill me for saying so but, for me, personally, the Narnia books were WAY better than the movies. And Oz? It's been too long since I've seen it to even remember. Although, I did recently see Oz the Great and Terrible in Theaters. It was cute but, to me, didn't have that element that would make it a movie I can watch again and again. What do you guys think? Would these have made your list?

To recap, the choices are:

                                       Harry Potter Series (so unfair to pick all of them, but there was no way to choose my favorite!)
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Peter Pan
Practical Magic
Seventeen Again
The Neverending Story


  1. Harry Potter fans here too! Just to say I have put a link to your blog on my post today

  2. Harry Potter most definitely but I'd rather the magic bus or that cool phone booth and of course using your wand to get from place to place. The toilet method is just

  3. I didn't really care for the Narnia movies either. Stardust was a pleasant surprise for me. I loved that movie.

    Dropping by from A to Z. This is my first year participating and I am having a blast.

    Brett Minor
    Transformed Nonconformist

  4. From a book perspective, I obviously have to go with Peter Pan. I thought Jeremy Sumpter was great in the movie, but there were other bits of the movie that I didn't enjoy very much...

    ...From the list of movie choices here, however, I have to go with The Neverending Story. I was blown away by the ending of this movie when I first saw it. It was awesome, and I still love it, even if the book is fairly different (and the movie is only the first half of the book!)

  5. Oh, you definitely got some good ones in there. Hocus Pocus is another one I really love. I've always craved a more magical life, too, but alas... I am solidly grounded in the mundane.

  6. Harry Potter, definitely, although you have a lot of good choices there :)

  7. Good list. I was just watching LOTR last night. (#2) They are movies I Could watch over and over. I want to see the Wizard of Oz movie too, hopefully I can get to that sometime.

  8. A lot of great 'magical' movies out there. My wife loves "Practical Magic" and we both enjoy the Harry Potter films :)

    Left and Write

  9. They are all soo great but I have to go with HP!
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  10. The first Narnia movie was great.
    Have to go with LOTR.

  11. Harry Potter - but my second choice would be Never-ending Story.

  12. Rosie Amber--Thanks very much for adding me! That was really cool!!

    Sheena--I agree that the other forms of transportation are much cooler. I want to ride a broom. BUT, I was pointing out that, if I could live in the magical world, I would totally be willing to go with the most disgusting form. haha

    Hi Brett! Nice to meet you!! Thanks for stopping by. And yeah, Stardust was awesome!

    Mere-Yeah. Peter Pan was a great book. I never read Neverending Story, but I hear that the remake (if that's not just a rumor) is supposed to stick much closer to the original book.

    Hart--My kids still watch Hocus Pocus every year at Halloween. (My "kids" are 22, 21, 17 and 14) haha. Definitely a fave in my house too. Missed that one!

    Laura--Yay for HP!!

    Suzi--Yeah, LOTR are awesome movies. So beautiful!

    Mark--Yeah, Practical Magic seems to be more of a girl movie, me and my daughters all love it but the guys are meh. haha. And HP rules!

    Dani--And it's another poll HP is going to win. See? It's cause HP is the best thing ever!

    Alex--You know what? You are right. And I should've mentioned that. My mind automatically went to the second and the third Narnia's, neither of which I liked very much.But the first really was awesome. I would really love to see a remake of The Magician's Nephew!!

    Sherry--Yeah, HP is a hard one to compete with, but LOTR is amazing too!

  13. Ooh yes, magic - bring it on! I loved Jumanji...time to watch it again. -Belinda.

  14. I love Stardust. Can watch it again and again and again...

  15. Oh ... don't make me choose between Stardust and Jumanji.
    I'm calling it a tie!

  16. I'm still laughing at your Zac Efron comment. :D

    My daughter and I were rewatching the first Harry Potter last night. She told me she wants to go to Hogwarths. Who wouldn't???

  17. I've never seen Stardust. I wonder if I can catch on Netflix? I need to check. Great list. :)

  18. myriteofpassage--YES! Finally a vote for Jumanji

    Printed Portal--Good taste, it's an awesome movie!

    Aldrea alien--I know, right??

    Stina--:) I am definitely sad nobody in my house got a Hogwarts letter

    Mina--Definitely check it out. it's awesome. :)

  19. Awesome movies! I love Practical Magic too :)

  20. Ooofta, well out of the choices for me the obvious one is The Neverending Story which I can get obsessed about on and off again.

    There was a lot of news about the remake, but that it was stuck in legal battles. Some sources I've seen I don't trust just simply because they said the sequel went straight to video, but I am like 99.9% certain I saw it in the theater with my dad.

    A remake would be great with the advances in CGI and all. I love the original, though, so it is tough for me to decide when they do things like that.