Monday, June 3, 2013


So lately I’ve been watching episodes of Bones. Early in the series they really made a big deal about the main character, Temperance Bennan, being a mystery writer—a New York Times bestselling, mystery writer. So one episode she mentions that her publisher gave her a sports car as a bonus. Another time the publisher gave her a Rolex.


I remember years ago when I first saw this I wondered if it really happened. I went so far as to ask literary agent Kate Testerman, aka, “Daphne” if any of her clients had received these kinds of perks. Basically she said no. Any “perks” or gifts for her authors should be given in the form of money. *my thoughts exactly*

But this still puzzles me. Bones is based off of novels by Kathy Reichs. She is also executive producer of the show. Could she not have said, “No, no guys, that’s not how it works.” Not to mention, literary agents are NOTHING like agents for actors. Yet each time I see a literary agent portrayed on screen they are these fast talking, Armani suit wearing, Ferrari driving jerks.

I don’t know, maybe these things are minor in the grand scheme of the plot, but it really bugs me. So my question is for all of you published authors. Have you ever received a “perk” from your publisher? Car, house, watch, boat? Or do you know someone who has? Inquiring minds want to know…


  1. no perks... sadly no royalties... yet?
    i think i need to be dead, to get noticed.

  2. Alex: I'll take royalties as a perk any day!

    Jeremy:I hope it doesn't take death.

  3. Hi Karen .. in this space of time - I'd suggest no perks are available ..

    I wondered if the Bones tv thing was based on the Kathy Reich's books .. I'd love to see them .. perhaps it's been over here .. I'm not a great tv watcher ..

    But now I know it's Bones and Reichs ... I'll be aware .. good luck with publishing and those longed for perks!! Cheers Hilary

  4. I really don't want a car... I can't drive!