Monday, June 24, 2013

Out On Submission…Again!

So my agent sent me the new list of editors we’ll be submitting to today. I’m excited and hopeful. The last round obviously didn’t get me a sale, but I can’t say I was crushed by the passes either. The general consensus was that I had strong writing and voice, but the concept was similar to something on their list—and there isn’t one vampire, werewolf, fallen angel or fairy in my novel. Imagine that-lol! So here’s to hoping this next round of editors don’t have a similar concept already on their list.

Wish me Luck!

Karen @>~>~


  1. It will be new and original for someone - just believe!

  2. Thanks Alex! I'll definitely keep hope alive!

  3. Hi Karen .. yes good luck and here's to success this time .. cheers Hilary

  4. Thanks Sheena-Kay, Suzanne and Hilary! I'm keeping my fingers crossed too!