Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Writer's Butt

If you don’t know what writer’s butt is, get to the gym immediately because you probably have it! :-)

I seem to have come back from vacation with a renewed since of health and wellbeing. I’ve always been a rather healthy eater, but my problem lies in the physical part of the health regimen.

My day job is sedentary. Writing is sedentary. So now I’m really worried that I’ll wake up one day and will need to have the side of my house cut away so I can get out—I’m not trying to make fun of those poor souls, just saying I don’t want to end up that way.

My plan to avoid further writer’s butt—you’ll know if you suffer from this affliction by the wide flatness of your hind-parts—I am going to the gym three times a week and taking walks three times as well.

I really love walking. I do a lot of writing in my head and have solved plotting problems, dreamed up awesome scenes, and developed characters all while taking a stroll.

How do you avoid Writer’s Butt? Do you have a workout regimen? Do you find taking walks opens up your mind to your writing?


  1. I don't avoid Writer's Butt - I just avoid looking at mine. lol

  2. I have to agree with Lexa. But it's good that you're exercising. I need to do some since I want to lose some pounds this year. But for my mid-section not my butt.

  3. Exercise and eat right! I hit the gym several times a week to keep in shape.
    There will probably be a lot of good ideas next Wednesday during the Get Healthy Blogfest.

  4. Lexa: Lol. I avoided looking at mine and now it's starting to look at me!

    Sheena-Kay: I actually need to do something about the midsection too, but I figure what I'm doing will take care of all over.

    Alex: Cool! Thanks. I'll be sure to check out the Get Healthy Blogfest!

  5. Bahaha, I worry about this, too 0_0

    I am definitely with you on walking...I don't know what it is about going for a walk, but it can do wonders for my mood and my thinking!

    Good luck with your anti-writer's butt regimen!

  6. At least you're thinking about it and that's a great start! :)